Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SPLIT CRANIUM 's/t' CD/LP/Digital in stores today!

This has been our go-to jam (the groove part in 'Blossoms From Boils' especially) for months!  Our main man Aaron Turner (Unionsuit), our new main main Jussi Lehtisalo (of new HHR family members, Circle), and his European cohorts Jukka Kroger and Samae Koskinen get their crust on with their eight track debut full length CD/LP (the digital version also has a bonus remix from the b-side of the 'Sceptres to Rust 7").  The album is out today worldwide at all fine record stores...we hope it finds its way to your heart and home very very soon.

Split Cranium 's/t'

1. Little Brother (1:52)
2. Tiny Me (1:36)
3. The Crevice Within (1:06)
4. Blossoms from Boils (4:48)
5. Sceptres to Rust (2:41)
6. Black Binding Plague (3:03)
7. Yellow Mountain (2:26)
8. Retrace the Circle (8:13)
9. Daniel Menche Mangled "STR" Mix (Digital Only Bonus Track)

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